About Jan

Jan has created and co-created several programs for personal development and healing skills: Integral Presence®, Aquatic Healing®Énergies Subtiles®, Hara Dynamiek, TransformationTraining, Sons Divins, … and has taught hundreds of students in short term and in long term training programs.

About 20.000 people from all walks of life have found their way to Jan for Integral Coaching: a means of guidance to liberate the full potential of all dimensions into a coherent whole.

My personal journey


My relation to Integral Presence

Integral, mystical, shamanic, multidimensional, ultra-sensitive consciousness has been my internal biotope since childhood. A mystical experience on May 19th, 1994 during my engineering studies made it clear to me that the rest of my life would be devoted to «the Light»: seeking It, getting to know It, putting myself in service of It. In-depth studies and practices help me better understand and transmit the integral consciousness: vajrayana buddhism (15,000+ hours of meditation in addition to philosophical study), Brennan School of Healing (4 years as a student, 9 years as a teacher), ashtanga yoga, family constellations, integrative aquatic therapy, and more. Click here for more detail.

From 1998 I started giving healing sessions as well as workshops for groups. From 2002 I started to give long-term training courses and that is where the first elements of Integral Presence, «the 4 dimensions» in those days, arose. Based on experience gained during 20000+ individual sessions and training hundreds of students, I gradually modeled Integral Presence from the awareness and insights I gained and from the most effective elements of the many tools I learned and discovered. Integral Presence is not a static end result. It continues to grow and evolve.

IP has now become a lifestyle for me. In every moment there are some aspects that are consciously or subconsciously lived and some tools that are used intentionally or habitually. 

Over the years a co-creative bond has grown more and more between my students and me. Some of them have been devoted to this path of Integral Transformation for 6, 7, 10 or 15 years. The learning process is increasingly bi-directional and the creative spiral is embracing an ever-widening horizon. What excites me is the continuous growth and the vibrant joy of living creativity.

My most favorite aspect of IP is the “beginner’s mind“. And besides, I find all elements of Integral Presence important and valuable. Especially in the face of a world undergoing accelerated and uncertain changes, I have very high expectations for supra-sensory awareness provided the foundation and the progressive establishment of IP is well-founded. If not, the higher dimensions are a bypass; an escape from reality that later makes for a painful landing. But with devoted and sustainable practice, the supra-sensory consciousness promises us the skills to shape a human society together that spontaneously lives in optimal communion with all that is. The individual that is united within is then also united with humanity and with the universe as well. This promotes natural contact with self, others, and the world.

IP can offer many kinds of support to clients. The package is conceived to be extensive, diverse, and universal.